About Han Tai

      Hantai Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. is the only authorized manufacturer and seller of Hyundai Refrigerator, Ice Cabinet and Washing Machine in China. Hantai Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. upholds the management concept of Hyundai Brand, adheres to the management philosophy of "quality management" and introduces the future-oriented management philosophy, embodies the best global brand of high quality and commerciality, and strives to build high-quality "HYUNDAI" brand series of household appliances!

      The office address of Ningbo Hantai Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. is located in Cixi (postcode: 110015), which is convenient for transportation. Since its establishment, the company has developed rapidly and its business has been growing steadily. Our company mainly operates modern refrigerators; modern washing machines. Our company has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many retailers and agents of Cixi Refrigerator and Refrigerator Company with complete varieties and reasonable prices. The company has strong strength, credit-oriented, contract-abiding, product quality assurance, multi-variety operating characteristics and the principle of small profits and multi-sales, won the trust of the majority of customers. The company has always pursued the enterprise purpose of "honesty, truth-seeking, service-oriented, and satisfaction-oriented", and has made every effort to follow customer needs and constantly carry out product innovation and service improvement.

      Korea Hyundai Comprehensive Business Co., Ltd. is the biggest enterprise group in Korea, covering auto mechanical,househould appliance,constructional engineering, communication electronic, heavy industry ship-building and so on. The turnover of the group is 40 billion US dollar. The group has always been committed to investment and development in the Chinese market. At present,Hyundai refrigerators,freezers, washing machines and other series have a good performance in China, which helps Chinese families enojy the wonderful life.